New Home, 2022 | 120 Film (B&W)

A black and white photo of a staircase leading up to the main entrance of a castle-like structure.

Castle Entrance, 2022 | 120 Film (B&W)

Entrance of apartment number 639 with two steps to reach the door. To the right of the door is a small street lamp, and to the left is a ceramic sign with the address. In the background is a window pane.

Step-Up Apartment, 2022 | 120 Film (B&W)

Four steep steps leading to a door with graffiti on it and a mail slit on the bottom. There is a locked gate in front of the door.. On both sides of the door is brick wall with a small sign that reads 'SMILE YOU'RE ON CAMERA'.

Gated Door, 2022 | 120 Film (B&W)

Curved staircase with six steps leading up to a white door with one window. A window in the middle of five stained glass windows is in the background behind the handrail.

Stained Glass Steps, 2022 | 120 Film (B&W)

A black and white image of three transparent glass bottles, two with corkscrew lids, and a CD rested in between, all of which are atop of a television tray. One of the bottles creates a noticeable shadow from being in the daylight.

Glasses and Bottles, 2022 | 120 Film (B&W)

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