Black and white image of graffitied side of highway with a "DANGER" sign.

Danger Sign, 2021

An altar in low light with a framed painting of Archangel Michael surrounded by four lit candles.

Surreal Alter, 2021

Black and white image of a baseball dugout at night blurred behind fence.

Dugout, 2021

Bleachers on the side of a football field with a red sweatshirt drooped on one of the benches.

Abandoned Sweatshirt, 2021

Triangles and Windows, Norristown Farm Park, 2021

Worn Down, Norristown Farm Park, 2021

Black Hole, The Rhoads Garden, 2021

Daisybush, The Rhoads Garden, 2021

Smudges, 2021

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