To suspend authentic moments of joy, despair, fear, and grief, and with such little time on our hands on this evolving planet, is what I feel to be a purpose of mine, regardless of how difficult it may seem. For as long as I can recall, I have found great beauty within the art of photography in its ability to articulate concepts beyond the human mind, as one photograph can impart an array of diverse emotions and ideas. As an individual with cerebral palsy and who has struggled with anxiety throughout my entire life, I have found stability as well as a new sense of confidence in my photographic work. Within each capture, edit, and print of mine, my determination to convey thoughtful perceptions on the true delicacy of life further blossoms. Over the years, I have grown overly-aware of how expansive my surroundings truly are with the infinite opportunities to recount stories of rarity and truth. From the simple elegance of fallen leaves along the sidewalk to the telling scene of city traffic, my eyes are never blind to the revolving world. Confined by the barriers of my walker, I am often looked upon as “less able” than my peers. A photograph, however, has no limits; visual art is driven exclusively on the viewer’s perspective. The sole component from an artist’s piece is comprised of their strengths as a creator and the messages articulated through their works.
        Contrary to what I've been told over the years, a fancy camera and premium editing software cannot determine the quality of a photo. Rather, it is the perception found within the piece which accounts for its value. One reoccurring theme that appears throughout my photographic work exhibits the sheer beauty within nature. With the practice of alternative camera angles and experimental color grading, the images I capture of foliage and flowers challenge the traditional, straightforward look of nature photography. The absolute beauty throughout the environment, while unmatched by any artificial impersonations or human habitations, has an expiration date. The time left before the modernized world decimates all remnants of purity within nature ceases with each second as mankind becomes further disjointed from its roots. Through the fine art of photography, I plan on continuing towards my goal of demonstrating the complexity of the dwindling world beyond the growing walls between humans and the environment.
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